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Hi! I’m Jeniffer and I’m glad you’re here! Take a few moments to find out more about me, Large Family Frugal Living, and what you can expect to find in these pages.

A Little About Jeniffer

I’m a 30-something Christian, married to my best friend, Ray, and we live in Southern Indiana where we homeschool our beautiful children. This year our children are 21, 18, 9, 8, 6, and 4. This year rounds out a decade of homeschooling for us. What??? Our oldest graduated from our homeschool, and our next graduate starts her senior year here soon.

I rely on Jesus and coffee to get me through our busy days.

Large Family Homeschooling LargeFamilyFrugalLiving.com


A few random things about me:

  • Reading aloud to my children is my favorite “school” activity.
  • My birthstone is a coffee bean.
  • I’m a budding gardener.
  • I love books- we have them in every room of the house.
  • When I was in third grade, I decided I wanted to be a teacher. My wish came true ;).
  • Before homeschooling, I earned a medical degree. I’ve never used it.

What You’ll Find At Large Family Frugal Living

Feeding Our Families

As a large family mama, food is definitely a huge part of my life. After years of budgeting and making frugal meals, I came up with Large Family Frugal Meal Packets. 

Here are some of my most popular articles about frugal food:

Large Family Homeschooling LargeFamilyFrugalLiving.com


Homemaking is one of those things that we women must do, so we might as well enjoy it, right? Of course, getting the kids involved helps too. 🙂

Large Family Homeschooling LargeFamilyFrugalLiving.com

These are some of my top posts to help you on your homemaking journey:


We are a literature-rich, relaxed homeschool.

(all of my hooligans smashed into one photo with me)

Here are some of my most popular homeschooling posts:

Reading Aloud is a major part of our homeschool. It has completely revolutionized the way we spend our days. If you are new to reading aloud or are looking for ways to jazz it up, you’ll find inspiration in these posts:

Where you’ll find me on the web

My articles have been published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazines, as well as the Classical Christian Education & Charlotte Mason: An In-Depth Guide

I have contributed to the following websites:

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For BUSINESS inquires: Jen@LargeFamilyFrugalLiving.com

Connect with Me

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  1. Clicked across your site I love it, my question is you said you buy your meats in bulk, where do you get your meats. We just moved to a new area and I am still exploring the stores. Oh I am a mom of 3 handsome boys (12,6,3) and another on the way in May. I do home school and I will probably be getting your meal planner package, (love how you have it set up).


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