How To Explore Special Interests In Your Homeschool

In our seven years of homeschooling, there have been many times that we went down rabbit trails to explore special interests. Sometimes it was as easy as a trip to the library. Other times it really took some digging and research. Having done it a few times, here are a few ideas to help you explore special interests in your own homeschool

How to explore special interests in your homeschool

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How to Explore Special Interests in Your Homeschool

Take my son Max for example. He loves all things science. He takes things apart all. the. time. He builds with spare parts. He creates using his mind and hands. So, a robotics class would be an obvious choice for him. Or woodworking. Or anything else along those lines.

Meccano M.AX. construction has begun!!

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Sometimes our children’s special interests aren’t so blatantly obvious. In those situations, start by getting a better understanding of what your child is interested in. You can do this by having a conversation about what makes your child passionate. Consider what she spends her free time doing. Think about what learning units your child has been most interested and attentive in. Are there any classes or clubs your child has been asking to join?

Use that knowledge as a starting point to find ways to turn interests into learning opportunities and experiences.

For some ideas, here are resources you can explore:

  • Peruse the internet for interactive websites, games, and resources.
  • Take virtual field trips.
  • Search your area for related attractions and activities, like zoos, museums, expert talks at the library, Lego clubs, science fairs, and workshops for kids.
  • Depending upon your child’s interest, you might be able to find an expert in your area who could talk to her about the topic or even allow her to volunteer in the field.
  • Do you have friends who are experts in some field who can help?
  • You could try getting involved with the local Humane Society, the library, a nature center, or a music center.
  • Watching movies and/or documentaries on your child’s interests as a family is always a fun way to learn.

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As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to explore special interests in your homeschool! What have you done to break free of the books and get hands-on?

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  1. It’s great to be able to follow special interests. on Friday my lad does a STEM challenge where he needs to use his knowledge and think differently. Today he’s making something but won’t tell me what.. so I need to wait until he’s done. It involved pebbles and a hot glue gun…

  2. We’ve been pretty successful following special interests too. It’s been easiest with my daughter because anything music or art is what captures her interest. She’s got a LOT of Fine Arts credits on her way to graduation next year!

  3. I love all the resources you provide. And taking a look at interests is so important. One that is a lot easier to follow when homeschooling. I know that when I was teaching World History and AP US History it was so difficult to take the time when kids should an interest in a particular topic. (Especially in AP US since the test was in May no matter what we did). So glad that I will be able to homeschool my two younger children.

  4. Great ideas! Isn’t it amazing, how God gave us our different senses in order to explore and discover the world he created for us? I’ve learned so many things alongside my children during our homeschooling journey.


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